Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to our blog debut

Hi friends! During the course of many a conversation, people have said to us “you need to write about that.” I guess we like trying to make our boring lives and interests sound remotely interesting and relatable. So due to popular demand (if fewer than 10 people counts as “popular”) we’re finally entering the blogosphere together. To start, let’s set a few expectations…

Things you will see on this blog:

  1. Our take on pop culture
  2. Posts about music—from secular to sacred
  3. Things that deal with faith and life—two things we’re constantly trying to keep stuck together
  4. Stuff that makes us laugh (or may cause you to laugh at us)
  5. Snapshots of our random, daily lives to which we think you might relate
Things you won’t see on this blog:

  1. Girls gone wild (we’re pretty PG rated)
  2. Political debates (we’ll respect you if you respect us)
  3. Excessive personal bragging (if we do this, we’ll slap a warning label at the top)
  4. The latest trends in dairy farming (we’re city girls at heart, although we do love cheese and ice cream)
  5. Creepy stuff like this:

How does that sound? Worth reading? Let us know if there is something you want us to write about, and look for updates every week. Thanks for visiting; we look forward to your return.

~Jenny and Heather

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