Saturday, December 12, 2009

Winter...I'm over it

As I write this, I’m listening to the sound of a neighbor shoveling. I’ve never noticed before how nails-on-a-chalkboard-like that sound is when you’re scraping ice and snow off the pavement. I much prefer the sound of a lawnmower outside and the smell of fresh cut grass. Of course, we Minnesotans won’t see green grass outside our living room windows now until April.

At least the first winter storm commute of the season is now behind us rush-hour drivers. Although, my winter commute last Wednesday didn’t take me very far.

I decided to delay my morning drive until the worst of the commute was over. After working from home for a few hours, I finally decided to venture out. But…where were my keys? Friends, I am organized. I NEVER misplace my keys. I may lose socks in the dryer but I do NOT lose keys! Panic began to set in. My home is tiny; there are not many places to look. I retraced my steps from the time I got home from work the night before, which brought me to…the front door. Yes indeed, there they were—house keys and car keys—just hanging out of the lock where they had been for the past 16 hours. Stupid moment #1 of the day.

With keys in hand, I finally made my way to the garage. My association had not yet plowed my driveway or street. As I examined the large snow drifts in my driveway I thought for sure my little Corolla could take them on. (Never mind that I had watched my neighbors getting stuck all morning.) Naturally, I just gunned it out of my garage. Stupid moment #2 of the day.

After 40 minutes (yes, 40) of digging my car out of the snow in below-zero windchills, I drove my car right back into the garage and gave up. I actually got more work done at home that day than I ever would’ve accomplished at the office. I should take snow days more often! After all of that, at least my wintery day ended on a high note with the fall finale of GLEE. (Oh how I will miss Mr. Schuester and the gang until the show comes back next spring! Something else to look forward to when the snow melts!)

Anyway, welcome to winter. And get off my tail if you’re driving behind me!


  1. Technically the stupid moment #1 was completed the day before so you're not doing too bad. One per day is pretty normal I think. :-)

  2. Good point! That makes me feel better. One per day...I think we're all entitled to that!