Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Overcoming perfect Pinterest world

As a social media savvy communications professional, I’m not sure I should admit that I tend to avoid Pinterest like it was a flu-like virus, but it’s true. However, my disdain mainly stems from a very real inferiority complex that curses my non-professional roles.

My “complex” grew to its worst when I had my first child. It was then that I began my love/hate relationship with social media and the internet in general. I loved that I could google every little oddity coming from this little human being I was expected to keep alive and find someone who would assure me it was normal and give advice about how to deal with it. However, I hated that everywhere I looked I was overwhelmed with reasons to doubt myself and feel like the world’s worst parent because I ____ (you know, fed my baby formula or sent him to daycare or fill in the blank).

If Pinterest was my only measure of success, I’m certain I would win a loser parent award. You see, I’m not crafty, and I barley stumble my way around my kitchen. I finally sought out Pinterest when I was in need of some fast, easy, healthy yet kid-friendly dinner ideas (which I’ve since learned is basically an impossible formula). But what others labeled as “easy” seemed impossible for me or took me twice as long to prepare. Welcome, again, to loserville.

I guess the key for me is to not allow Pinterest (or really anything outside of the B-I-B-L-E) to be an unrealistic standard against which I measure myself. The same, then, is true for the judging moms in online discussion forums. And the Facebook posts from people who make their own laundry detergent or seem to have no problems getting their kids to gobble up vegetables. ‘Cuz here’s the deal…I do my best and I love my family. And where I fall short, I now know there is a lot of grace from the people who matter most in my life. So take that, perfect Pinterest world!

Oh, and if you can remotely relate to my feelings above, I guarantee you these funny Pinterest fails will make you feel better!


  1. You will get nothing but grace from this parent. I promise.

  2. I avoid Pinterest for the very same reasons. I wish I was artistic in that way and could craft and cook with the best of them, but nope. I don't need the reminders of all the things I can't do (or just don't want to do). I did MAKE a Valentine's card for Chris. When I gave it to him I admitted I didn't TRY to make it look like it was made by a second grader, even though that's sort of how it ended up!

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