Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's here...and so are we time flies! Just over eight weeks ago, following a last minute ultrasound, my doctor called to tell me, "we want you to have this baby tomorrow." And so on April 23--just 8 days before her due date--the perfectly healthy yet tiny Brielle Ann arrived. And can you blame me for not blogging when the alternative is to snuggle with this little peanut?


We are all in love with her...especially her big brother. More to come, but I at least wanted to let readers know we are all still around and doing great! Thanks for allowing both mommy and auntie a little break to enjoy babies as well as Minnesota's late arrival of spring these past couple of months.

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  1. Well, I do not remember allowing anything and I do not remember being asked. Either way, I am happy for you and Phil. Enjoy them both!

    I find it hard to keep up with reading, much less writing and my kids are self sufficient.

    Many blessings to you all.