Tuesday, October 13, 2009

High school humiliation

It’s High School Humiliation Week! Well, at least it is according to a Anne and May in honor of the release of their book, A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS. Now that I’m 30 and no longer embarrassed by youthful moments of dorkiness, I’m here to humble myself by posting a photo from the awkward years and my most embarrassing adolescent moment (which is actually from junior high, but lucky for you…I looked more awkward then compared to high school anyway).

Check out this girl, who is dying to be popular, but clearly not there yet…

Ugh..ok, picture her on a blue school bus headed to a youth group retreat at a camp a few hours away. She notices almost immediately upon the bus leaving the church parking lot that she has to use the bathroom. By the time we’re driving on a two-lane highway in the middle of nowhere, she is very concerned. Her friends think this is hilarious and start singing songs about water. A couple hours into the trip (after hearing there are no pit stops planned, and no gas station in sight), she starts crying (yes, crying) and tells the bus driver that he needs to pull over…right NOW! The bus pulls over and she runs into the woods. Two full busloads of kids wait…and word quickly gets out that Jenny is peeing in the woods. (I hope I ran far enough in to avoid spectators. It was humiliating, but the relief I felt was worth it.)

Anyway, I was reminded of that episode by retreat-goers for the entire weekend that followed. But looking back on it, I realized that no one really cared about it but me. So, it’s a good lesson and reminder to not take myself so seriously and just laugh at myself. I wish more high school kids realized that, but I think it’s just something you discover with age.

Don’t think you’re getting off easy…now that I’ve shared, I want to hear your humiliating moments from your younger years. Don’t hold back! I have other awesomely bad moments I could share, but not unless you add your two cents.


  1. Oh man. Why is peeing so humiliating??? What an embarassing story for your high school self! check my embarassing moment here: mandymaria.blogspot.com

  2. This is amazing. I would have been mortified. And isn't it amazing how kids always think it's hilarious to tease the person who has to go to the bathroom by talking about water? Do they WANT to get peed on? I love your message, though, about how things that seems humiliating to us don't even really register for other people. It's a good message, and something I wish I had known in high school.

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW. I have so much respect for your for making that bus pull over! Good girl.

    I can't believe your friends sang songs about water. You should have pummeled them.

  4. All I can say is thanks for cropping me out of that photo. You scored some nice sister points for that. I honestly can't think of any super humiliating moments from high school. (But I was certainly not very cool.) Maybe the problem is that my humiliation can't be measured in "moments" but rather in "years." Ugh.

  5. Well I'm sure glad that you got over that humiliation and we're still friends for these past 17 years! It's fun now to remember all those embarrassing moments in jr high and high school now that we're older and more mature...even though at the time they're painful. loves!