Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What’s on your bumper?

Today’s post is totally random, but just stay with me for the heck of it. A few days ago I found myself driving through a parking ramp behind a car with a bumper sticker that said, “I Love Baton Twirlers.” It made me chuckle that someone would choose to declare something so unusual to everyone with whom they share the road. Then, not even 10 seconds later, I drove by a parked car with a sticker declaring three powerfully vivid words, “I Eat Poop.” Now, there are a lot of bumper stickers I’ve seen over the years that I haven’t really understood, but this one might just take the cake (or, the…never mind). Don’t you wonder what stories are behind those people and their crazy motivation for promoting such things on the rear-ends of their vehicles?

Personally, I have never understood why people choose to lower the value of their automobiles with these odd declarations. I’m not even a fan of the political and cause-related stickers that actually have a campaigning purpose. Regardless of whether I agree with the person or not, I don’t like the distracting propaganda at every stoplight. And then there are the proud parents of the honor roll students. Can’t they brag to some family members, friends, or neighbors? Why must they brag to me, a stranger who couldn’t care less and is just trying to get myself home?

Anyway, I know there are lots of crazy and unique things to share on bumpers, and I for one could use a good laugh or roll of the eyes from reading some good ones (from my computer…not on the road). So, I’m asking (even begging) for your participation in sharing the most interesting bumper sticker you have ever seen. Let me hear ‘em!


  1. Ok, a couple of comments:
    1. I also do not put stickers on my car. I just think it looks tacky.
    2. It is amazing what goes through your mind. Is this the kind of thing you think about all day?
    3. I absolutely love that at the end of the second paragraph you said, "a stranger who couldn't care less". I hear people say quite often that they "could care less" when they mean couldn't. I have seen this in print as well and am always amazed by it. Thanks for using the phrase properly.

  2. Ha! This stuff doesn't go through my mind ALL day, but it does tend to wander in very random directions from time to time. Oh, and misused words and phrases are like nails on a chalkboard to if you ever catch me using one, go ahead and call it out. Thanks for recognizing my proper phrase usage this time around. :)

  3. I'm sure you've seen this on too, but it's worth mentioning anyway. "My son beat up your honor student." PRICELESS