Thursday, October 21, 2010

Laughing at life as I know it

The countdown is officially on…26 days until the date when baby Connor is due to greet his already adoring family. It seems as if things at work are finally close to slowing down, my house is packed full of baby stuff, and life as I know it is all too soon about to change. Maybe that’s why I recently found the current romantic comedy Life As We Know It so amusing. A story about two people who find themselves as unexpected new parents to a one year old, it was as predictable as the previews lead you to believe. But it was also a pretty funny look at what’s likely in store for me.

Humor is a big deal in my life. That’s one thing that I have really come to realize through pregnancy. At first, I was reading everything I could about pregnancy, but wasn’t really enjoying much of it…until I put the books down and learned to laugh at all the changes I’ve gone through in the past eight months and laugh at the great and not so great ways that life will change in the months to come. I appreciated having a predictable movie to deliver some of those laughs.

When my little boy arrives, I want to do all I can to raise him right, but just as importantly, I want to be able to laugh even when things don’t go as I expect (or as a book or another mom says it should). I know I’ll be put to the test on that very soon…so you may need to remind me that I wrote this when I am exhausted and wondering what I’ve gotten myself into!

I sure hope baby Connor learns to smile and laugh early on…he’ll need those skills in this family, and I think he’s pretty lucky that way!


  1. You will do great, and you are right...just relax. Kids seem to do well where there is lots of love, and I know Connor will have that, no matter how bad our parenting might be.

    Your dad as a grandfather? This kid better be ready for laughs.

  2. When is your due date? So, Connor? Cute. What's his middle name?

  3. Connor David is the name we picked. Actual due date is Nov 17...coming up!