Monday, June 4, 2012

Anticipation of iPads and other things

Never have I seen an adult be so excited for a FedEx delivery as my husband was a couple of months ago, all because he ordered the new iPad.  Leading up to the delivery of this technological treasure was a bit like waiting for the birth of a child. He talked about it often and delicately planned for its arrival. After tracking it online for over a week, he worked from home the day it was to be delivered since it required a signature. But, just in case he was otherwise engaged when they came, he printed off and signed a FedEx permission slip and taped it to our front door for the delivery guy to leave it outside our door without a signature. That’s anticipation, people. It finally arrived and it seems to be all that he was hoping it would be. And my reaction to it all? I thought it was completely charming in a tech geek sort of way. His anticipation was marked by pure excitement. And while I gave him a hard time about “Paddy’s” arrival, that excitement is fun to see at any age. (And, I have been known to use Paddy every now and then too.)
I wish that all forms of anticipation were as absolute as waiting for an iPad with a tracking number. As a family we’re anticipating some things lately, potentially big things…or possibly nothing at all. I’m excited, anxious, impatient, and a bit stressed out at times. I am so thankful to know that God is always trustworthy, always in control. I’m doing my best to hold on to all things with an open hand, but at the same time, I’m a very human person in a very imperfect world. So my selfish wants, insecurities, and emotions get the best of me at times. That said, if you’re someone who prays, I’d really appreciate your prayers that my entire family would fully, and with excited anticipation, trust in all that God has for us!


  1. Prayers said. It sure would change things if all we were waiting for had a tracking number and a promised elivery date. Mught be less exciting in the long run though, and less opportunity would be there for growth. May God answer your prayers soon.

  2. Wow. My typing was poor in that last comment. I hope you got the jist.

  3. Well said, Tim! And thanks, Jen, for sharing a piece of the "big stuff" on this blog. As much as we like to keep it fun and light hearted, sometimes it helps to have this community as a sounding board in our crazy lives!