Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Is creativity for the birds?

I write about plenty of dry topics in my job like health insurance, retirement plans, employment policies and technology systems. While I try to make these topics sound friendly at best, I don’t usually get to be humorous or sarcastic when I write (except in this blog), so I appreciate people who have that creative license in their work life. 

Groupon’s copyrighters often do a nice job with this (including plenty of funny analogies—and some that are just plain groan worthy). Earlier this year while preparing for a California vacation, I signed up for the San Francisco Groupon in search of some good deals for the trip. I was particularly intrigued by their promotion of a deal at a falconry center.

How does one make calling birds of prey sound like a worthwhile purchase to the general public in 50 words or less? With something like this:  

The call of the wild is like a call from an elderly grandparent: Though you can’t quite make out what’s being said, you feel better about yourself when you answer. Pick up nature's phone with this Groupon.

Let’s all give a collective slow clap for this copywriter. If you’ve ever talked to an elderly grandparent on the phone, you know exactly how true this is! 

While the Falconry Experience didn’t make it onto the short list of activities I participated in during a very rainy vacation, it gave me a good laugh and led me to their website where I learned a thing or two about the “majesty of the ancient art of falconry.” Who knew?   

I should acknowledge that Groupon as a whole has made some communication blunders. But let’s not let that spoil these kudos for clever promotional writing.

Makes me think… perhaps a clever analogy or sarcastic plug is necessary to explain why reading (or writing!) this blog is a good investment of time. If you have any ideas, sound off in the comments!

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  1. How about, "Reading this lovely blog is like watching a bad reality tv show …perhaps not the best use of your time, but entertaining enough to put off a more productive task." - That's kind of how I think about most things I read online.