Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Call me, maybe

I promise this isn’t about the most beloved pop song of 2012. I just couldn’t resist that headline.

No, today I’m sharing with the world that, after several good years with my Blackberry and Android phones, I ordered the iPhone 5 yesterday. I no longer want to be upstaged by my two-year-old nephew who also can navigate the iPhone.

While I’m looking forward to getting the phone, I did wonder yesterday if it’s possible to have an interaction with a cell phone service provider without getting severely annoyed. While I got a “new every two [years]” upgrade discount of $50, I was also informed of a new $30 upgrade fee. When I explained to the friendly customer service rep that it would be easier to just say I only get a $20 discount, he seemed confused. This marks at least the second time my math skills have been put to good use in a customer service setting.

I’m also now paying a dollar more per month for my “new” 2GB data plan than I was paying for my unlimited data plan before. So you’ll forgive me if I’m not feeling the love right now for a company that may or may not rhyme with horizon.

All bitterness aside, we’ve come a long way when it comes to communication and I do enjoy being a smartphone user. Usually. (I did, however, text my boyfriend from across the table at dinner the other night while he was engrossed in some app on his phone.) Communication has certainly changed!

So iPhone users, what apps do you find most useful? What can’t you live without? Which ones should I avoid ever using because of their addictive nature and time-sucking qualities?

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  1. I am far from an expert on iPhone apps (I barely use any besides Facebook and those that come with the phone), but I do like Pandora. And for any nights away from home, I swear by the "White Noise" app (brown noise is my noise of choice, but they have everything from a vacuum cleaner noise to a camp fire).