Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Warning: A post about boogers

I’m sick today. It’s just a cold, so I’m muddling through my normal routines, but it still sucks. And speaking of sucks…should I accidentally pass this little bug onto my toddler, at least I’m armed with the world’s best nasal aspirator to keep his sinuses as clear as can be…the Nosefrida Snotsucker. Essentially, it’s a tube where you put one end in your child’s nose and the other end in your mouth and—you guessed it—you suck the yuck out (don't worry, there is a filter to keep it out of the user's mouth). Sure it sounds gross, but it works 100 times better than those useless bulb things.

What really sold me on this was the funniest product review I’ve ever read. Or, maybe it was only funny to me because it came at a time where I was the completely delirious and sleep deprived mother of a newborn. I’ll let you be the judge, because I’m sharing it here. Enjoy!

Read the full product review

And if you’re not one to click on the link, here are a few of my favorite highlights:

“my wife has tiny nostrils. i can't fit any of my fingers in her's amazing she can breathe through her nose at all. consequently, our son is also lacking in the nostril-diameter department”

“we even tried a fancy battery powered nose vacuum that made a whirring sound but produced nary a single lump of green gold.”

“if i was a professional booger sucker...and it was my job to suck the snot out of noses 8 hours a day, i would insist on using this thing. but i would want a longer tube, and a holster.”

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