Monday, October 15, 2012

Almost famous?

While visiting my pharmacy's website (a pharmacy chain that happens to be owned by my employer), I did a double take at the small advertising banner in the middle of the screen—the same image you see accompanying this post. Instantly, I recognized that hand!

And before you start thinking it was some crazy hand twin discovery like the one that Joey had on Friends, it wasn't. No, it really WAS my hand! I remember holding up my colleague's cell phone when she needed a quick photo for an announcement she was writing about this new mobile app.

So now I'm kind of a hand model, right? But just like those artists who no longer want to perform the hit songs that made them famous (ahem, Boys II Men and Vanilla Ice) please remember that I'm more than this semi-famous left hand.

Besides a couple of local TV news appearances and my brief recording artist career for a children’s Christmas musical recording, this might be the closest I ever get to fame. And I’m ok with that. In fact, I usually prefer being a behind-the-scenes gal. I've been a ghost writer, photo shoot coordinator, video producer, media escort and more—all trying to make other people look good. (I'd like to call it humility, but it's probably more shyness and self consciousness.) And yet the satisfaction I've gotten from having my hand in these moments of "fame" for others is pretty great.

So while I won't be accepting an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, etc., anytime soon, I'd still like to thank the many friends and loved ones who encouraged me to become the behind-the-scenes gal I am today. For now, the hand is in retirement, but a comeback is always possible…


  1. But wait, you DO have a hand's me!

    And also, I can't believe we've never blogged about our stint as part of the angelic Halo Express!

  2. I remember once someone else from Grace having an episode like this. He was the model in some simple shots for a friend and the company that took them ended up being purchased by a large corporation. One day, that corporation needed some face shots to use in an ad campaign and pulled them out of their archives. Suddenly he was on the backs of national magazines. Lesson: Watch out when you sign those release forms. I think though in your case you are safe as someone would have to know you pretty well to recognize your hand. I doubt even Jen would have caught it.

  3. You're right, Tim. There were no paparazzi outside my door today, so I'm probably safe.

    And Jen, one of these days I'm sure we'll find more reasons to talk about the Halo Express. (We can probably keep my recording studio fainting episode out of it though!)