Saturday, January 5, 2013

Presents, staycations, and new beginnings

Happy New Year! I had a fantastic holiday break from work, during which I fully intended to write a blog update or two, but in the end I decided to take a break from this little outlet as well. I had a “staycation” of sorts filled with lots of great family time, getting caught up on movie rentals, and watching season one of Downton Abbey (thanks to some of your recommendations). So basically, doing all the stuff I don’t have time for when in the midst of my normal routine.

We’ve also enjoyed a couple months of celebrating with my now two-year-old. First his birthday in November and then Christmas. What? You want to see pictures of my little man? Ok, I guess…

He’s now at an age where he understands what presents are, which is quite amusing. With birthday and Christmas occurring close together, he was on a roll for a while and somehow began to think that is was normal for visitors to bring him presents. The other day a speaker on a video playing on my computer mentioned “God’s presence” and Connor excitedly responded with, “he’s talking ‘bout presents!” All that to say, while he’s getting the hang of being appreciative for his many gifts, I do think it’s time he has a little break from presents.

So perhaps at just the right time, it’s back to the routine for all of us, and that’s really not so bad. And while I’m not one for NewYear’s resolutions, I do feel a bit of anticipation and newness in the air (unless I’m just misreading the single digit temperatures). It’s a new year; I have a new boss at my job; I have a new baby due in four months—and who knows what other new things this year might bring. What’s new for your 2013? Whatever it is, I hope it’s a year of great blessings for each of you who are kind enough to read this little blog.


  1. Happy New Year Jen! I am putting Downton Abbey on the DVR as season three starts Sunday.

  2. Will would be so jealous of Connor's guitar! He is getting so big!

  3. Tayla has that same guitar. They can have a jam session.