Saturday, September 5, 2009

I miss recess

All the TV ads and store displays are telling me it's back-to-school time. And it reminds me…I miss going back to school (and yes, recess too)! The new outfits, the new teachers, the return of Italian Dunkers to my lunch menu. Those were the days. Growing up, I loved having a clean slate and feeling that nervous excitement that goes along with this official transition to fall.

While children everywhere are trying new locker combinations and hoping for at least one easy 'A,' we adults of the world mostly just stick to our routines. I generally like having my routine, but there's something about this time of year that makes me want to shake it all up and start fresh. And for some reason, anticipating the new seasons of Grey's Anatomy and So You Think You Can Dance just isn’t quite cutting it.

Any advice for reinventing the routine? Perhaps I need to go shopping for a new back-to-school outfit this weekend (just for old time's sake, of course). Or maybe I should start rockin' my CPK lunch box again. Now that would make me the envy of all my co-workers for sure!

In honor of all those going back to school this week, I have to post this clip from one of the best TV shows of my younger years. It's long, but worth watching. I particularly love the conversation with Theo that starts just after the five-minute mark—oh the drama of high school! We thought we had it so tough.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!


  1. My kids seems excited to be back at school, and both started new schools this year as they moved to the high school and junior high. As for me, I do not miss it. School wasn't a drag for me, but I have no desire to go back. Use the lunchbox though Heather.

  2. I so remember the Cabbage Patch Lunch Box. I also remember all of us making sure we had family time together to watch the Cosby Show - best show ever made for families. I wish I had known you liked the new school year starting. I remember how you never liked it until your father and I had the first visitation. Then everything seemed to be okay. Mom