Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To text or not to text

I love text messaging! Now, many (mostly younger) people made this declaration a couple years ago. For a long time though, I didn’t really get the point. Now, however, I do find value in using (but not overusing) this technology. For me, it started with a couple messages a month. Then, about a year ago, I got a new phone with a full "QWERTY" keypad. Suddenly, texting was faster and seemed more efficient. I started to use it more, and a couple months ago even managed to exceed the alloted texts in my phone plan. So, I upgraded my plan to go even more text crazy.

Mostly, I like texting because it’s quick and not intrusive. I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t want them to call me, ‘cuz that’s not true at all. But, I admit that I’ve never been good at calling people, and it’s mostly because I have this constant worry that I’ll be interrupting something or catching the callee at a bad time and they’ll feel stuck talking to me. In addition, let’s face it, sometimes you just want a quick answer and not a full conversation. Texting is great for quick Q&A.

I do think some people misuse it though. It sounds like most students today communicate almost solely through text messages. I know a couple teenagers who send more than 1,000 texts every month. From what I hear, that’s not uncommon. Another thing I don’t like is that it promotes bad grammar and writing habits. Since I write for a living, this really bugs me. I can’t stand the text abbreviations (TTYL, BBIAM, YGTBKM) . Say what?! I rarely abbreviate anything when I text, which is probably a waste of time, but hey, I like the look of complete sentences, okay?

Also, I have learned to be careful about sending texts. Just this week I sent my husband a text (or so I thought), but it actually went to my sister. I’m sure Heather wondered why I wanted her to tell me when she would be home and hear what I was making for dinner. I’m sure she was also extremely grateful that was all the message was and it didn’t have any mushy stuff meant only for the hubs.

Any other happy texters out there? Or anti-texters? TAFN (translation: that’s all for now)


  1. I love that you say "say what?" in this post! I don't know just reminds me of you, I guess! swetzel

  2. I've also come to appreciate text messaging in many instances--for a lot of the same reasons you mention. I will share one gripe though (on the off chance there are any single men reading this). Don't ever, EVER ask a girl out via text message. Speaking from personal experience, that is SO lame. Pick up the phone and CALL A GIRL!! (And P.S. Jen, I'm sorry I missed the mac and cheese you made for the hubs on Monday.)

  3. I have had much the same experience with texting, though I would consider you, Jen, to be one of the young people. All a matter of perspective I guess. I started texting because I have a teenage daughter and a techie wife. I too now have a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and am getting faster at it. I like to use it so I do not interrupt too. I share your love of complete sentences, but I do abbreviate sometimes. I am careful about where they are going and limit the mushy stuff just in case. Krista and I just tonight were using text in the same room so we could communicate something to each other without either kid hearing.