Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What I learned from 'I do'

This weekend, Phil and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. My how time flies. Actually, it really feels like we’ve been married for longer (in a good way). But it is funny to look back at the humorous stuff we’ve learned about each other in the past year. Like how Phil eats mac ‘n cheese with a spoon while I use a fork and other less obvious preferences regarding food, chores, entertainment, etc.

I asked Phil what was one thing he learned in the past year. He said he’s learned not to use the word “sure.” I admit this is because, when I ask him a yes or no question and he answers with “sure” I want to know if that really means "yes" or "I'd rather say 'no' but think yes is the right answer."

We’ve also had to teach each other a thing or two. I had to teach Phil how to fold a pair of women’s underwear. (I’m laughing just thinking about that moment.) On the other hand, Phil patiently taught me how to operate the TV remote and DVR (before I got married, I didn’t even have cable), not to mention basically every other piece of technology in our home.

Anyway, not to rattle off a cliché, but the biggest thing I’ve learned about marriage is probably the fact that I still have a lot more to learn. That’s why I’m looking forward to many more years with the hubs! So, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned in the past year?


  1. I can't believe it's been a year...although I can (same as you)!! Crazy times! I've learned that hearing an infant giggle can be the BEST thing you've heard all day!! (Is that cliche for a new mom to say??) Oh and the infant poop just gets "better and better" with each new food step! (Too much info? Sorry!!) Swetzel

  2. I love your comment on how it seems like you have been married longer. When we talk about how long we have been married(which is past 17 yrs now) I always say, " It seems like forever". This at first wasn't taken, shall I say, with the love intended. What I mean by it is that I just can't imagine there was a time when I lived without her.

    What have I learned in the last year? Hmmmm. I have learned that some of the most frustrating things about my kids are the ways they are like me. Nothing like passing down weaknesses.