Monday, November 9, 2009


It's a Monday afternoon and I’m still in my pajamas, listening to some new music on my iPod and blogging. Not a typical Monday for me. I'm not frantically writing e-mails, sitting through meeting after meeting (while checking my Blackberry under the table), or picking up my phone to hear the latest communications emergency. Finally friends, the time has come for me to take a DAY OFF (insert musical fanfare here)! Make that TWO days off actually.

So here I sit, in a state of long-weekend bliss, asking myself, "who decided the weekend should be only two days in the first place?!"

While my two days off work have been rather unexciting (laundry, cleaning, errands and the world’s worst chore ever: ironing), I did spend Saturday and Sunday enjoying a spa in Central Minnesota with a great friend. The fall weather was perfect, the pampering was exactly what I needed, and, despite James—the creepy, troll-like fitness instructor whose Tai Chi moves were less-than-inspirational—we met some wonderful people and had a nearly perfect weekend away.

I truly believe life is about simple pleasures. Time goes by so fast and there are too many "big" things we could spend all of our time worrying about, but not today. In my final hours of vacation before I head back to work tomorrow, I'm sharing my top five list of simple pleasures I was blessed with this weekend:
  1. The crunch of leaves under my feet on a fall hike
  2. Going to bed before 10 p.m. (and not waking up to an alarm)
  3. Leaving my Blackberry buried in my suitcase for 48 hours, replacing it with books and, of course, People magazine
  4. Laughing so hard I cried
  5. Friends—to talk to, share a bag of popcorn with or simply enjoy the peace and quiet together
As we head into this season of Thanksgiving, what simple pleasures are you most grateful for? Let's not wait for a holiday—or a day off—to remember them.


  1. I love your question this week and hope lots of people respond! I'm grateful for...a Sunday afternoon nap yesterday, loving family members who can always makes me laugh (even when I'm crabby), seeing the sunrise from my kitchen table while I ate breakfast this Monday morning, a work day with zero meetings today...and SO much more!!

  2. Simple pleasures:
    1. A cold Coke Zero first thing in the morning. I just love the feel of it going down.
    2. The quiet of the house after all others go to bed and it is just me and the dog, sitting in the recliner watching Sports Center.
    3. A nice night out with my wife which for us has many times included Asian food and used book stores.
    4. And one for you and Jen......seeing a new entry in Off Key Duets when I crank up my Yahoo page.

  3. As you wrote, "The crunch of leaves under my feet...," I think of Grandma Bernie. How she loved the "simple things." The sqeak of the snow as you walk on a fridgid day, etc. Oh how happy and proud she is (yes, I beleive she sees us, at least I beleive that in my world) as she sees both of you using your talent of writing the way you are. I could list so many simple pleasures. Suffice to say, let's all step back and enjoy what God has provided for us on a daily basis. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

  4. Thanks TGL! I love your list! And thanks, Dad, for the nice reminder of grandma. She definitely appreciated the simple things-and I'm betting she still does, even in the grandness of heaven!