Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

I’m soon to board a plane on the busiest travel day of the year to visit my in-laws where I’ll have two days of Thanksgiving celebrations and one early Christmas on Saturday. I think I need to exercise my stomach muscles now to prepare for three consecutive days of holiday eating! But the best news of all? My Christmas shopping is done, people! Still, I can’t quite believe it’s already Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Anyway, I decided this week to be short and festive (so you have plenty of time to get that turkey or side dish ready). I leave you with this turkey day video clip...

Now, share one thing you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving! What am I thankful for? The people who read this little blog (and much, MUCH more)!

1 comment:

  1. One thing? Thats it? If I have to pick one thing and one thing only then the pressure is on to make it the most meaningful and, I think I shall forget your little one thing rule and list a few.
    1. My cute little Boston Terrier that is sleeping next to me in the chair to stay warm as she is the dog of very little fur.
    2. Egg Nog. I was just shopping today and found some for the first time this holiday season. Around here it is known as Egg Mog because of one of the kid's mispronounciation many years ago, which leads to...
    3. My kids. Both are more than I could have hoped for. Oh, they aren't perfect, but God got them right.
    4. The internets(as GWB would say). I can not imagine how I lived without being able to look up on a moments notice who played one of the supporting roles in some movie I remember seeing or being able to call people I never see or interact with in person my "friends".
    5. Ok, ok I will stop with 5. My wonderful wife. As I like to say around here, it seems like we have been together forever because I can not imagine my life prior to Krista.

    Oh wait.....and Jesus.