Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The best-laid plans

Last night I attended an advance screening of the new movie Leap Year. It was pretty cute. Amy Adams is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses and, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for just about every unrealistic, cheesy and predictable romantic comedy out there.

In the movie, Amy’s character, Anna, hears about the Irish tradition that a woman can propose to a man on Feb. 29. Since her boyfriend of four years still hasn’t proposed (and is conveniently in Ireland that day), she goes on a cross-continental adventure to propose to him herself. Of course, hilarity ensues, and if you care about the rest of the story you’ll have to see the movie.

There was one thing about Anna that I both appreciated and loathed (don’t worry, no spoilers here). She is a little OCD in her desire to plan—well, control—everything that happens to her. I appreciate this because I can totally relate. I loathe this because, ugh, I can totally relate!

I am a plan A person. When plan A starts to go off course, my immediate reaction is to take matters into my own hands (never mind that they are matters completely out of my control—I’ll still try). Sometimes realizing I’m not in control—of which there have been plenty of reminders lately—is actually very freeing. But other times, it just stinks!

I’d love to say I’m turning a corner now that recent conversations and happenings have put this flaw of mine in the spotlight, but that would involve some serious letting go, which wasn’t in my plan for today. But I think/hope I’m at least doing less kicking and screaming (sometimes) when plan B (or Z) sticks its tongue out at me and does a little happy dance. One of these days, maybe I’ll dance along.

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