Saturday, January 23, 2010

The quest for rest

This weekend, my goal is solitude and rest. My husband is in the midst of a 12-day mission trip to Kenya, Africa, so I’m home alone and theoretically doing whatever I want. (If you want to see some great photos, videos, and testimonies of what he and the team are doing in Africa, check out this site or the embedded video below. It’s exciting!)

Anyway, if you’ve been reading this blog in recent months, you know that I was traveling a lot last fall and overall very busy with work and life. So, my goal for these 12 days was to do everything I could to refuel physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. Yet somehow, after one week of being on my own, refueling has somewhat alluded me. Work has been crazy, and I now realize that my busy schedule outside of work isn't just due to the fact that I usually have a busy husband around. I have had some extra time to spend with friends and extended family, which has been great. However, I’m starting to stress out that Phil comes back in five days, at which point I anticipate feeling even busier, and I haven’t rested much (even though I miss him like crazy and would be thrilled if he came home today).

So, with a winter rain/snowstorm coming for the weekend, rest is my plan! Besides a few housekeeping items, I plan to download some new music, turn it up and sing along, get in a good workout, give myself a facial, work on my Bible study, and cheer on the Vikings from the comfort of my couch. So, wish me luck…it’s not easy for us Type A personalities to hit that relax button!

Hakuna Matata!

Kenya - January 19 from Grace-Church on Vimeo.


  1. So much for the Vikings. Hope the rest of your plan goes well.

  2. It was a relaxing weekend except for the stressful football game. I heard on the news today that the last Monday in January is typically the most depressing day of the year for people... how much more true is that for any Vikings fan. :(