Sunday, June 20, 2010

Precious time (wasted?)

I took the day off on Friday and decided to enjoy the peace and quiet of my neighborhood. During the weekend, the streets and park trails nearby are always bustling with people. But on the weekdays, it's quiet. I enjoyed the "me time," walking to the lake and sitting on the beach for awhile. (I was mesmerized watching a rowing club practice.) It was a perfect morning and I kept thinking I need to do this more often.

Then, to further postpone my house cleaning, I decided to hit the pool for an hour. I got to the pool…and there she was. That girl. I've probably been to the pool 30 times in my 4-plus years living in my condo. No matter when I go—morning or afternoon, weekend or weekday—that girl is always there.

She has food delivered to the pool. She pays her bills from the comfort of her chaise lounge. I find myself wondering what her story is. How can she possibly have this much free time on her hands? How can she sit there all day and not get bored out of her mind?! (And, has no one told her about melanoma yet?)

Cleary, daily tanning at the pool is not my thing, but maybe I could learn something from her obvious expertise in relaxing. I don't know her real story, so who am I to judge how she spends her time. On Friday when I saw her yet again, I thought about the fact that I have my own time wasters too. Some could argue I spend a little too much time browsing iTunes for new music or watching reality TV (or even blogging).

I often feel guilty when I take "me time" like I did on Friday. But I think there's something productive about occasionally wasting time. I need that to recharge and regain my sanity. It's healthy, and I could stand to do it more often. What are the time wasters that help you recharge? (I promise not to put you in the category of that girl at the pool!)

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