Monday, June 28, 2010

A century of Mabel

Today is a pretty special day for my family as we celebrate the 100th birthday of my grandma, Mabel Wadding. Actually, we celebrated about a week ago with a big party (look at the pic—can't you tell we're all having the time of our lives?!). But today it's official, and any loved one who achieves centenarian status definitely deserves a shout out on this blog.

Long before the days of incubators and neonatal ICUs, my grandma survived her first few days in a shoebox sitting by the fireplace—weighing only three pounds. And she's proved to be a survivor ever since.

I could tell you countless stories of her life and her "Mabelisms" that never cease to make me laugh (or roll my eyes—like when she insists I haven't eaten enough when I've already had seconds and thirds of everything, or her concern that my "tootsies" will get cold when I'm going barefoot).

But simply put, if you've met her, you love her. She's just such a cutie and I'm in awe that, after all she's been through in the past 100 years, she continues to live an active life and always show concern for others. Plus, she raised my mom well and I'm reaping the benefits of that too!

(Not to be outdone by grandma, I also owe my brother-in-law some birthday wishes today…Happy Birthday Phil!! Hate to be a downer here, but something tells me your wife may outlive you…it's in the genes!)


  1. I was excited to find this blog, because your Grandmother is my (late) father's cousin. They were childhood friends in Saskatchewan, and kept in touch for 96 years. I would like to read more of her memories.

  2. I just learned this morning about Mabel's death. I am sorry to hear it. It is difficult to lose the old timers.

  3. For anyone else who stumbles upon this post, here is the link to my grandma Mabel's obituary:

    After a life well lived, we are happy she is finally dancing in heaven!