Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why my dad rules

So, Father’s Day is coming up and, knowing my dad, we’ll be celebrating by letting him go to the driving range by himself (trust me, it’s what he wants). This year, Father’s Day weekend may be slightly upstaged by a different, once in a lifetime, family occasion (which we’ll report on soon). So, I’m going to talk about my dad a little early.

Lots of people say they have the world’s best dad, but I’m pretty sure my dad truly does rank at the top of the pack. Here are just a few reasons why:
  • My dad is crazy. If you’ve met him, you know. There would be far less laughter in my life without my silly (sometimes embarrassing) dad.
  • He is a human jungle gym for kids. When I was young, he mastered the art of getting me all hyper and giggly right before bedtime. I can’t wait to see him play with my kiddos someday.
  • My friends always thought my dad was super cool (and it’s a fact that my friends are incredibly bright people). Sometimes my friends even wanted to hang out with him, which was a little weird.
  • He would do anything for me. Over the years, he has rescued my sister and me from stranded cars, moved us multiple times, been our handyman, and our biggest cheerleader in everything we do.
  • He spends quality time with me from family vacations, to daddy/daughter dates growing up, to hockey and baseball games.
  • He made sure I grew up knowing what it meant to be a Christian.
  • He encourages me be myself. I’m reminded of the time I had to fly halfway across the country to have a very difficult conversation with a colleague. We joked about my fear that I would be a big cry baby, but in the end my dad told me, “just be yourself; you’re sensitive, and it’s okay if you cry” (and I did). Having that reassurance from my “tough guy dad” that I didn’t have to act tough meant a ton.
  • He told my husband to make me happy or else…
I could go on and on, but that’s a good taste of why my dad is pretty darn awesome. Happy (early) Father’s Day, Pappy!


  1. A great big DITTO to all of that! Love ya dad! You rock!

  2. Dave is one of a kind, and you are both blessed to have him as your dad.

    For me, he was one of the reasons I loved being in the choir at Grace so much. No one could goof off so much, practically all the time, and still be taking choir very seriously. I do not know how he does both.