Monday, May 14, 2012

Clean sweep

I’ve been waiting for a perfect spring weekend for awhile now and finally got one just a couple days ago. The sunshine and spring temps meant it was the perfect opportunity for me to open the windows and let the cool breeze cover the scent of bleach as I deep cleaned my home.

That’s right folks. Equipped with allergy medicine and blaring iPod, spring cleaning is one of my simple pleasures. Of course cleaning is still a chore. I’d rather be doing any number of things, but as chores go, cleaning is tops for me.

This is most definitely an inherited trait. My sweet grandma was militant about cleaning. And growing up, Saturday mornings were spent helping my mom wash and vacuum the floors. At the time, I hated it. I vividly remember cleaning the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, complaining that I was being treated like Cinderella. Not to mention the fact that I was unable to give my full attention to the latest episode of Saved By the Bell.

I didn’t fully appreciate this cleaning obsession until I was an adult. Now at home, everything has its place. (My desk at work is another story.) And while things aren’t always in their place, you can be sure I’m going to do my best to keep things in order.

I think part of my fondness for cleanliness comes from wanting to be in control. When everything else in my life seems out of my control, I get to have my say about the amount of dust on the floor. (Let’s just say, Swiffer has a loyal customer in me.)

For that reason, cleaning is sort of like therapy for me. Nothing kicks stress like scrubbing the heck out of the kitchen floor.

Has anyone else had the spring cleaning bug lately? Or, what sends your OCD into overdrive?

And for those of you wanting to pay a visit soon, please do! Just remember to remove your shoes, avoid fingerprints and don’t splash water on the counter tops. I jest...mostly.

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  1. So nice to know the gene has been passed on!