Monday, August 13, 2012

A summer potluck

Like a Lutheran potluck, this post has a little of everything. It’s a late summer recap of random musings that hopefully includes a dish or two you’ll enjoy, whether it be it vacation, baseball, charity, or perhaps a summer dish of your own. So, let’s dig in!

I recently got back from vacation where we visited family in New York. Sadly, I took almost no photos. But here is my favorite shot from the week…cousins and buddies enjoying their week together.
 I also attended a wedding while out of town. It was a Catholic wedding in a beautiful church, and the entire ceremony I kept staring at the holy family statues up front thinking that Joseph needed a Baby Bjorn to carry baby Jesus around. This is just how my random mind works these days. See baby Jesus (circa 1 AD)…and my own baby Connor and husband making use of the popular baby wearing contraption (circa 2011 AD). 

Recently you may have noticed the “Water of Life” banner in the sidebar of this blog. Compassion International is an awesome charitable organization doing great things for needy children around the world, and I wanted to do what little I could to promote some of their efforts…and give you and other blog readers an opportunity to get involved if you are interested. Through Compassion, I’ve sponsored and corresponded with a girl named Diana in Peru for the last 10 years and look forward to sponsoring another child in a few years who my son can correspond with as they both grow. But even if sponsoring a specific child isn’t your thing, there are a lot of other cool things Compassion is doing and ways you can help. Click on the Water of Life banner on the right to find out about one of their life changing efforts. I may mention others here from time to time as well!

I had my first opportunity this year to see my MN Twins in action at Target Field this weekend. My son looks confused in the photos, but he had a blast. TC Bear (the Twins mascot) has a new fan.

My husband is currently out of town for a couple of days in a state with much warmer weather than Minnesota. There are some potentially exiting things going on in our family. Lots to pray about too. Hopefully I can share more soon.

Well, I think you’re pretty much caught up with my life for the moment. Stay tuned for a less random, more thoughtful blog post next time. Meanwhile, where have your summer plans taken you in recent weeks?


  1. Nothing random about this post at all if you see the one connecting thread, that being you.

    Summer has been great fun. We have been prepping for my oldest to head off to college in the fall. It is only to the campus of the U of MN so not too far. It has also included getting my first and only hole-in-one in golf.

    Got to run as I am off to the Twins game. I will say hi to TC for your son if I see him.