Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The working mom tote bag - Part 2

After introducing you to my latest, and perhaps favorite accessory where style meets function, I’m back with more detail. Only I could turn a tote bag into a two part series. Today I’m going to share what’s in my bag…because I think that also says a lot about a person. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way because Delta Sky magazine (my favorite airline’s in-flight publication) has a monthly feature I love that shows what a celebrity has in his or her carry-on bag when traveling. Ok, so it might lose some luster given that I’m not a celebrity, but it’s my blog, so I’m sharing it anyway. “What’s in my bag?” Here’s a peek:

  • Must have item: iPhone
  • Biggest waste of space: A stack of outdated business cards. I can’t remember the last time I handed out a business card, but my Girl Scout roots have me living by the “Be Prepared” motto.
  • Most random items: Some old Post-it notes and a dirty spoon in a Ziploc bag. This apparently accompanied a snack (yogurt as indentified by the dried remains on the spoon) from a recent work day. While I try to keep things organized, there are occasional items that get lost for weeks in my bag. Don’t judge me...change doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Snacks/Treats: Yes! (Sorry if that wasn’t a yes or no question…I just get excited about this category.) I usually slip a few dark chocolate Dove Promises in my bag for those moments during the day when I need a chocolate fix. Other munchies are also standard. You might think the goldfish crackers, raisins, etc. are there in case my son needs them for our ride home from daycare, but no, they are most definitely for me.
  • Bag of choice: A convertible tote from Urban Junket (a Minnesota-based small business)
  • What I love about it: Besides being stylish and big, it’s also both functional and responsible. It has different straps so you can wear it different ways…even as a backpack. Plus, it’s eco-chic, as the lining is made from recycled plastic bottles (next I might need to start composting my own garbage…or not)
  • Other essentials: wallet, keys, Chapstick/lip gloss, laptop, work ID badge

So that’s what’s in my bag! Well, my work bag anyway. I won’t bore you with the diaper bag, the lunch bag, etc. But I am curious, what’s the most interesting or surprising item in your bag?


  1. Well, Jen, I do not carry a bag on a regular basis since my kids are in college and high school and I don't carry treats for them anymore. I do carry a wallet every day and I can tell you that I am kind of crazy about keeping it thin. I mean, jeez, I wear that thing on my rear end. I don't need it sticking out there! I like that I can use my debit card for most anything so bills don't fatten it up and I hate that all the places I go have some sort of loyalty or punch card. I like some of the perks but holy cow those things can pile up. As a result, I quite often do not have the one I need with me on an impromptu stop at many establishments.

    Another good thing: my iphone carries all the pictures I need so there is no longer a need to have pictures of my kids in there.

    1. So basically, you have a phone and a debit card...geesh, guys have it so easy! :)

  2. Minus the dirty spoon (gross!), my bag contents are a lot like yours, Jen. I bought this awesome computer bag at a leather market in Florence, Italy last year. Only problem is, it's kind of too small for all my stuff. But I still cram it in there because it's a BAG I BOUGHT IN ITALY! How many people can say that? Biggest waste of space... several pens that have run out of ink. What can I say. It's hard to part with a good pen!