Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The working mom tote bag - Part 1

Today’s post is about a purse—my new tote bag to be exact. And bizarre as it may seem, I’m even making it a two part series this week. Hopefully even my male readers will find this an intriguing look into the life and mind of the opposite sex. Why? Because a bag can say a lot about a woman. Even my 21 month old will tell you that ladies (especially mommies) need their bag. He looks for it whenever I leave the house. And on the rare occasion when I just have my keys with me, he reminds me that I need “mommy bag.”

So here is what I think my old and new bags say about me, but you can judge for yourself:

Old tote: I’m cheap (this is still mostly true) and don’t want to replace my 8-year old Target purchase even though I can’t fit anything inside and it’s falling apart. Instead, I’ll just carry several mismatched purses/bags in a disheveled manner. To my fellow elevator riders, please disregard the silly song playing on the pocket Fischer Price toy in my purse that I accidentally hit while schlepping my things into the crowded elevator (this has happened to me more than once).

New tote: I’m stylish, professional and organized…even though I still have lots of stuff. While I didn’t break the bank on a Louis Vuitton, I am willing to forgo Target for something with boutique style because I know I will use it every day. I’ve also abandoned my tendency toward “safe” black or brown and feel a bit like Elle Woods a la Legally Blonde with this pop of color in a sea of drab business black.

Obviously, I love my new tote bag. It’s partly because I rarely splurge on purchases for me. However, there is some irony in this purchase that I can’t ignore. Growing up my sister and I would make fun of the “mom purse” – specifically, our mom’s purse because it was huge and she could use its contents to open her own pharmacy, and tailor, and concession stand. Now here I am, loving the fact that this is the largest work bag I’ve ever owned. And truthfully, anything smaller would have been a failed purchase. Look ma…I can open up my own sundries store now too!

So tomorrow is part two…“What’s in my bag?” Is this an awesome cliffhanger or what!?


  1. I'm so-o-o glad you finally realize the value of my "big purses"! I appreciate the validation after all these years :)

  2. The pictures are priceless. True weight loss ad style before and after.