Saturday, February 13, 2010

Living in the State of Hockey

On any other Olympic Opening Ceremonies night, you’d probably find me at home getting pumped up about the Games in front of my TV. But this year, I have DVR, which is really a better way to speedily watch the athletes parade into the stadium anyway. So instead of watching action on TV (which is my plan for the rest of the weekend), I took in a live version of one of the more popular winter sports by attending a Minnesota Wild hockey game.

I usually get to attend one or two NHL games a year, and Friday was my night for this season (thanks, dad!). Being at the game reminded me that there is something extra special about living in the State of Hockey. By comparison, a few months ago I attended an NHL game in a different city and was a bit disappointed in the fans, who didn't even stand up when the home team first took to the ice. And, it's no secret that St. Paul has what is probably the best hockey arena in the country. And even at the high school level, the state hockey tournaments in Minnesota are still exciting...13 years after my high school days ended.

However, it seems we've failed to spread our reputation far beyond my home state, as evidenced by the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. During my visit there last fall, the store there did not have a single piece of Minnesota hockey memorabilia for purchase. Oh well, maybe our treasure is better kept a secret.

So, while all of my NHL home team is from other countries and most have names I can barely pronounce, it's still the best place to be a hockey fan. And I say this despite the fact that I'm still nursing a broken heart from not winning the Zamboni ride during the second intermission last night.

Go Wild...and go Team USA!


  1. Is the place in Toronto the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame? Lets remember that the US Hall of Fame is in good ole' Minnesota.

    I know it struggles a bit for attendance because it is in the far northern part of our wonderful State and for a while they were considering moving it to somewhere near the Mall of America to make it easier for everyone to visit it.

    I have been to three Wild games over the last couple seasons, and though I am not the hockey fan you are Jen, the games are very exciting events. You are right about the arena. The Excel Center is a wonderful place to attend a game.

  2. Good call, Tim. The Hall of Fame in Canada wasn't for Canada only (but I admit I forgot about the one in northern MN). They had stuff from just about every other NHL team there except for Minnesota. ( If only the USA hall wasn't in Eveleth...(no offense to residents up there - great place to live...not so great for a vacation destination).