Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So how is your Olympic fever doing? Let's just say I'm looking forward to being much more productive (hopefully) beginning next week. I just can't stop watching. Although I've finally stopped trying to shield myself from the results before the events air on TV. Now I check the results and then fast forward my DVR to the good stuff.

Highlights for me so far? Short-track speed skating, Lindsay Vonn's downhill gold, Shaun White's half pipe gold and USA men's hockey defeating Canada. I haven't gotten too caught up this year in my past favorite event of figure skating. And the ice dancing? Wow, that just put me to sleep. What's been your favorite moment so far?

As I've been watching all these inspirational stories of odds overcome and dreams coming true, and I see the pride in the gold medalists' eyes as they hear their national anthem, I get such a peaceful feeling. Sure the Olympics always has its share of controversy, but all in all, it's full of great news, unlike what we usually see in the headlines. I've found it very refreshing these last couple of weeks. I'm sure going to miss the games when they're over.


  1. I agree that it's been fun and exiciting watching the Olympics and espesially the USA beating Canada in hockey. BUT, my favorite moment by far is the story of Canadian mogul skier Alexandre Bilodeau winning gold for his brother Frederic who has cerebral palsy. Watching Frederic cheer for his brother was truly inspirational and made me very thankful.

  2. I liked watching a bit of the new event this cross. I don't know how all the skiers don't run into each other (well, sometimes they did, and that's what made it exciting). I'm also moved the athlete stories, like the Canadian figure skater who competed (and scored a personal best) just two days after her mom died of a heart attack. The Olympics are just so exciting, emotional, and inspiring!

  3. You're right Dad. I can't believe I forgot to mention that one. They showed a great interview with Alexander about his brother. The story--and his subsequent win--brought me to tears!

  4. I love it all! Except ice dancing. Heather, I'm glad you're with me on that one. Hoping the women can beat Canada in ice hockey today! My former high school teammate, Natalie Darwitz (captain), is playing in her third Olympics and needs a gold to complete her collection of medals.