Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Celebrating sisters

This week is the anniversary of my birth and that of my fellow blogger and sister. Because of that (and the fact that I feel like taking a little spring break from blogging this week) I decided to simply post my favorite sisters photo and caption. This kinda sums up our relationship…

I love my sister. I… love… her... so... friggin'... much.

Happy (almost) Birthday sis!


  1. Aww, thanks J! Happy Birthday to you too! I never get tired of seeing that photo. Why is it SO funny to watch a girl love her sister...to death!? (Stating the obvious, I hope, but just to be perfectly clear...that's not us in the photo. Although a similar hugging sisters photo at that age could have easily happened.) LOL!!!

  2. I remember Jenny taking toys from Heather at about 9 months of age. Heather put up with it until one day I heard horrific screams and found Heather pinning Jenny down with a handful of Jen's hair in her grasp. Jen was careful about taking toys from Heather after that.

  3. That's right. Don't mess with me!!!