Friday, March 12, 2010

Must see TV?

I've been sitting in two straight days of presentations from people talking largely about things I don't understand. Basically, my brain is mush. After all of this, I need to spend some quality time this weekend doing something that requires absolutely no concentration or thought whatsoever. As I plan my upcoming mindless activities, it's probably time to share with you another one of my favorite things. It's been awhile since we've talked favorites. (Remember this secret weapon of mine?)

Today, I'm talking about my DVR. I know I'm at least 5 years late in adopting this piece of media genius but I'm not a huge TV watcher. There are only a few shows I simply must watch.

Remember those video cassettes? My VCR broke a couple of years ago and I was doing fine without any recording device until I learned last fall’s season of So You Think You Can Dance would air on Wednesday night. A quick call to my cable company and my eyes have been opened to a whole new, commercialess world.

I find myself recording shows I would never otherwise watch. If I've got 20 minutes to spare before my next commitment…well, that’s just enough time to watch last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother!

I end up deleting a lot of shows that I realize I will never actually have time for, but, this is one technology I don’t think I will give up anytime soon. In times like this when I need some serious downtime, it's great to have a library of choices to choose from! Gotta go now. Last night's episode of The Office is awaiting me.

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