Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lessons from Toy Story 3

This week I saw the movie Toy Story 3. Like the previous movies, it’s clever, funny, and an all around good story. Andy, the boy with the toys in the movie, is headed off to college. Not surprisingly, I got all teary at the end of the movie. It was bittersweet simply because I could relate. I often have a hard time with change, even when the change is entirely positive.

We all know I’m sentimental; I mean, remember my emotional car story? It’s that same sentimentality that causes me to hang on to a sweatshirt from my high school dance team, even though I haven’t worn it in 13 years. It’s also the reason I sat in my freshman dorm bathroom stall with tears in my eyes after my parents dropped me off at college. I just knew it was a defining moment…old memories were simply that, and new memories were about to be made.

Defining moments. They are the reason I’ll celebrate at my cousin’s wedding this weekend and the reason I’ll be sad to attend my uncle’s wake tomorrow after cancer ended his life. I just pray that all of us will use well the moments we’re given.

There’s one more defining moment for me this week. Today I’ll find out that baby Knight is a…[check the comments on this post later today, I’m about to go get a look at baby and hopefully find out the gender]!


  1. What an exciting day! Can't wait to find out what you are having! It sounds like this week brings on a lot of emotions. Thinking of you...

    I have a bin of old JJ Sweatshirts, too. My husband questions why I can't get rid of them. He'll never understand!

  2. BOY! (And a very uncooperative boy at that, so I need to go in for another ultrasound to get a better look at the head/face/brain.) Yup, he's stubborn like all the other men in his family...sure to give me plenty of trouble I imagine. :) But, we're very excited!

  3. Yay!! Boys are great (as I watch a certain 16 month old crawl around on his hands and knees)!! :)

  4. So exciting, Jenny! I hope he cooperates for the next ultrasound!