Thursday, August 5, 2010

My exotic summer vacation

Throughout the summer, I’ve seen friends posting photos on Facebook of their summer vacations. Between road trips, mission trips, and other vacations, it seems the people I know have collectively canvassed the globe this summer. Personally, I’ll be throwing my hat into the travel ring again this weekend, and I know you’ll all be jealous when you hear where I’m going.

Fargo, ND…here I come! Yup…take that all you friends who have enjoyed the beauty of oceans, pyramids, and Eifel Towers! I mean, just look at the photos on the visitor guide cover (click the image to enlarge). Where else can you find stoplights, people, an old boat (on land) and furry critters in nature? (Besides any city in North America, of course.)

In reality, I am pretty excited about this weekend. I’m reuniting with some of my favorite people in the world…my college gang of friends. I spent four of my favorite years up in the flat, frozen tundra as a student at Minnesota State University Moorhead (just across the river from Fargo). Also, it will be my husband’s first visit to North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota, and I’m looking forward to showing him around some nine years after my college days. The hubs, on the other hand, isn’t as excited and keeps asking me why we can’t all get together in Breckenridge, CO like we did last year. My answer? It’s not about the place, it’s about the people. Cliché? Perhaps. But true nonetheless.

Weather permitting (and it had better permit or we’re kind of screwed), we’ll enjoy outdoor picnics, strolls around campus, a baseball game, and more. Add some good friends into the mix, and it’s not a bad summer weekend if you ask me.

Here we come…Fargo or bust!


  1. I love your last paragraph. Great writing in that first line, "it had better permit", like you are threatening the weather with bodily harm if it screws up Phil's intro to Fargo. Good luck.

    It is only a weekend after all, right?

  2. And don't worry Jen, so far this summer I have gotten as far as St. Paul and Maple Grove. Heading to Hayward WI next week though so things are looking up!

  3. I AM threatening the weather! I have this nasty habit of trying to control things I have no control over. Trust gets me into lots of trouble!

  4. You always have a place to stay if you want to make your way to Colorado . . . :-)

  5. Well, I can't speak for Phil, but I think it was a great weekend! Despite the gross humidity and the fact that I've been itching numerous mosquito bites all day, it was so wonderful to be back on the old stomping grounds. And even more wonderful to spend time with some amazing friends. We are very blessed!!