Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sizzlin’ summer

I’ve had a busy, fun summer, but I admit that my wimpiness when it comes to the heat has dampened a few of my outdoor activities over the last month. I’m just thankful I’m only six months pregnant and not nearing my due date quite yet.

If you live in a year-round warm climate, I know you don’t have any sympathy for our 100 degree heat index day after day lately. However, we Minnesotans don’t sympathize with you in the winter when your 32 degree temperatures make national headlines (try lowering that by 50 degrees and we’ll pay attention). Besides, I did spend an entire summer during college living in Florida, so I get it and I’ve done this before, and I’m just thankful for air conditioning.

Even though the fall is my favorite season and will surely bring cooler temps, I’m always a little sad when the summer winds down. I cringe at back to school ads even though I’ve been at work all summer. And every year when the Minnesota State Fair comes around in late August, my friends, colleagues and I all say, “It’s state fair time already?” We all mean the same thing…summer went too fast.

Speaking of state fair season, who’s ready for something deep fried? You may want to stay away from Indiana though. Their state fair had a meat sundae, a Krispy-Kreme donut burger, and deep-fried butter.

Oh well, it’s summer and we in the Midwest will soon be in sweaters for months, so consume a few extra calories and enjoy what remains of the heat and humidity!

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