Monday, August 30, 2010

Open house for all students…and expectant mothers

When you were growing up, did you ever have the back to school open house this time of year where you visited your new school before classes started? I remember something like this when I started both junior high and high school where I would go and find my locker and where all my classes were. My husband says he never had this…he just remembers being really confused on his first day of high school. I think that’s proof that it pays to check out unfamiliar territory ahead of time, if possible. Especially if you’re an ultra-planner like I am.

Yes, school open house is sort of what I was reminded of last week when I took the Family Birth Center tour at the hospital where I’ll be delivering my little boy in a couple months. I now know how far the birth center is from the hospital parking ramps (it’s far), and I’ve programmed the OB triage number into my cell phone. We even tried one driving route to the hospital and a different route home to see which was faster. Considering we had to stop for a train to pass on the way home, we’ve decided to take the first route (waiting for a long train while in labor would totally be my luck)!

Overall, checking things out ahead of time helped to set at least a few expectations, which does make me feel more prepared (and knowing me, soon I’ll be creating a well-organized checklist of what to do and what to bring to the hospital). And despite some of the not so pleasant things I learned about labor and delivery (especially considering I had my “preparing for childbirth” class the same week), it was pretty cool to see the room where I’ll meet my little guy face to face for the first time. It felt really real…scarily real at times. So real that I’m actually tearing up at this moment just thinking about it.

Yes, time is flying and the third trimester is here and my countdown to due date has begun…11 weeks to go! Ready or not…the times, they are a changin’ for this mamma-to-be.

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  1. Yes, and I'm still attending annual open house nights that take up an extra 2 1/2 hours of my life each year. They really should just let the kids and parents be confused. :-)