Monday, July 30, 2012

Is there any must see TV?

I'm headed on vacation this week (a.k.a. a visit to my in-laws in Western New York), so I'm putting readers in the driver's seat for the week...let me hear ya. I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics (assuming you share my obsession)!

My TV time has dwindled dramatically in the last year and a half (although my knowledge of Sesame Street and other PBS Kids characters has hugely expanded), but I still appreciate some mindless tube time at the end of a day when I can get it. And yet I still often sit down to find my DVR empty (except for my husband’s shows from Discovery and History channel) and I end up tuning in to a repeat episode of House Hunters. And so I wonder, what’s out there that’s worth watching?

The truth is, I don’t find a lot of time to watch TV, which is why I’m even more interested in quality over quantity these days. We recently considered ditching cable in our household altogether and spending less on a hulu subscription (since we rarely watch anything live anyway), but a couple of weeks ago we gave in to a good deal on Direct TV, so now we have lots more channels…and I still don’t have anything to watch.

My media-savvy hubby read that there are a bunch of new comedies coming out this fall, which has me hopeful (though I anticipate being greatly disappointed with at least 90 percent of them). My repertoire from the last TV season often includes Parks & Recreation, Survivor and Amazing Race, Modern Family, Parenthood, and currently, So You Think You Can Dance. And that’s about it. Returning blog readers will notice I finally let go of The Bachelor, Glee, and Dancing with the Stars. 

So, what are you watching? Or renting? I'm looking for a few good shows! 


  1. Hands down...Downton Abbey. It's soooo good. :)

    1. Thanks, Gina! I was thinking of checking out that show...I keep hearing people talk about how much they love it. It looks like something I could get into...I will check it out for sure!

  2. Here I can be of little help. I watch mostly sports on TV, and when I do watch a show I tend toward the stuff Phil does on History, Discovery, and A&E. I have also been using our Netflix streaming membership to watch a documentary series on the American Revolution and now on baseball. Of course, TV time competes with the time I could be using that membership at LA Fitness too. During the Olympics, I can count that as my workout, right?

  3. And I have watched the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. I agree withGina, it is very a very good watch.