Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Swimming lessons...for mom

Chances are, wherever you are, it’s hot outside (unless the far southern hemisphere is well-represented in my blog readership). It’s probably the perfect week to stay inside with air conditioning. However, it’s also a holiday week and the ideal time for enjoying summer fun, so undoubtedly at some point this week I’ll be heading to the pool with my little boy as we’ve done a few times this summer already.

In preparation for this summer activity,  my toddler had his first extra-curricular activity this past spring…parent/child swim lessons at our local community center.  My husband and I took turns in the pool with him getting him used to being in the water. Connor did really well; I think it’s safe to say he’ll probably be a good swimmer as he grows. It shouldn’t be surprising since the hubs swam competitively in high school.

But there was also a chance my son would take after me. In the spirit of full disclosure, I should just tell you: I can’t swim. I was always a bit embarrassed to say that growing up, but now I might as well fess up. Oh, I tried mind you (or rather, my parents tried to get me to learn, and I fought it kicking and screaming.) I can jump in the deep end and get myself to the side of the pool, and  I could float if I needed to, but I wouldn’t completely trust myself being in waters deeper than five feet with my child.

So don’t tell Connor’s swim instructor, but those lessons might have been for me as much as for my son. And it’s quite possible one day my son will save me from drowning.

I hope you're also finding fun ways to stay cool this week. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

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  1. Love the swim trunks! Keep at the swim lessons. We have a lot of water in this state.