Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lazy days of summer

I'm back from a July Fourth extra long weekend up north and I've got the mosquito bites to prove it. Hanging out on the Iron Range toughened me up a little though. By the end of the weekend I thought "Meh, what's a little sunburn and 30 more bug bites… bring it on." And "Who needs indoor plumbing anyway?!"

But the best thing about getting away was the lack of things to do. And by that I mean that I needed some tranquility, some time to be a little lazy.

I’ve been reminded a lot over the past year or so about the importance of rest. It's hard to rest at home when the to-do lists of errands and housekeeping (along with my Type A personality) are always looming. Add my rush-hour commutes, deadlines and the constant barrage of depressing news headlines and it's easy to feel stressed about not only my life and that of my loved ones, but also the world around me.

So while there is no easing back to work this week as I catch up on what I missed and head into my busiest quarter of the year, I'm thankful for time to disconnect from work, media and the routine to spend quality time with good people, enjoying God's creation, laughing and prioritizing some good rest. I hope you're taking some time this summer to do the same!

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  1. When I read, "who needs indoor plumbing anyway" my first thought was...this can't possibly be written by Heather. Next thing you know you'll be camping in a tent! Let me know how that goes. ;)