Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I’ve enjoyed a slightly slower pace in recent weeks and it has given me added time to reflect (scary, I know). So as I was driving by a neighboring new housing development the other day, I thought about all those new homeowners. All of them built a home in the last year. For most of them, I presume, it’s a house where they plan to spend many more years. I couldn’t help but envy them just a bit. Why? Because I truly have no idea what the next year will bring (despite being a planner at my core). For the most part I’ve found peace with that.

You may recall a post I wrote just over a month ago about some potentially big changes. That specific change to which I was referring didn’t pan out (a change that would have moved me and my family across the country…and it was serious enough that we were driving through neighborhoods on the west side of the Rockies scoping out available real estate). And while I was excited about the opportunity, I’m 100 percent ok with it not happening. I learned a heck of a lot from the whole experience, and my faith was stretched more than it has been in many recent years. However, the cliché is that when one door closes, another one opens, and that’s what my family and I have been seeing lately. So once again, we walk through the open doors and wait to see what God will do.

So in the next year… Perhaps we’ll move away. Perhaps we’ll add to our family. Perhaps my husband could make a 180 degree career change. All of the above or none of the above, it’s all unknown...along with most everything else in life. While there is no answer key, the Bible, of course, has proved (as always) to be a great place to turn. My husband also has wisely reminded me that it is not up to us to seek the answer, but to seek God (who knows and controls it all). So I’m trying to focus not on the waves, but on the One who walks on them. If you have any tips for “the wait” I would love to hear them, as I imagine all of us are waiting on something.


  1. I disagree Jen. You are waiting on nothing at all. Your life is happening now. Whatever happens in the future, it will still be your life, so though places and jobs and other factors may change, it really is the same. Still Jen's life.

    If you are rolling your eyes, it is perfectly ok. My wife does the same.

  2. You're right! Thanks for that reminder. Phil and I sort of talked about that when the previous job/move opportunity didn't work out. That we can't wait for everything to fall into place in one area before taking steps in another area. Life is always happening, and that is a blessing!

  3. Ok, I really like the "don't seek the answer, seek God". Things are much less stressful when I do that. :)