Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coming soon: Blogging in 3D

All of a sudden, 3D films (which have been around for 50 years) are the next big thing. I don't really get it. Maybe it's because I don’t have great depth perception to begin with. I run into things more often than I'd like to admit here. And my memories of 3D movies growing up mostly involves motion sickness. Basically, 3D just sort of creeps me out. I already jump out of my seat in movies when there's a loud noise (even when I know it’s coming). Why do I now need to embarrassingly dodge flying objects from my seat?

But some people love it. That's cool. I've heard the 3D was great in Avatar. I can see how it would enhance the entertainment value for a lot of people. However, the news that ESPN will offer some of its coverage of this weekend's Masters Golf Tournament in 3D is puzzling. Jen already voiced her confusion about watching golf here. I echo the sentiment and now add: What is cool about watching golf in 3D?! Where are the special effects? After you've seen one guy swing a club in 3D, is there any point to it anymore? Perhaps I'll be less likely to fall asleep while watching if a golf ball is flying toward me at 150 mph. I'll never find out since I lack the 3D TV. Somehow, I'm ok with that.

But back to movies for a moment. Check out the new movie trailer for Step Up 3D. Suddenly I'm changing my tune on this 3D thing. I can't believe I've yet to address my love of all things Step Up on this blog. (If I could turn the clock back 15 years and actually attend the Maryland School of the Arts, I would do it in a heartbeat. And if I could dance with Channing Tatum…yep, I'd do that too.) As soon as the lines begin to form for this flick, I'll be there. I wonder if I should take some Dramamine beforehand. I never thought of a little breaking and booty shaking as causing nausea, but I don't want anything to ruin this movie for me.

So, some like big-budget movies and special effects, some like golf, and I like epic dance battles. I wonder where 3D will catch on next.

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  1. Maybe church in 3D...wait...I guess it already is!