Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It’s almost May, which means that almost every show on TV tries to up the entertainment value as they fight for the sweeps ratings and wrap up their seasons. As someone who admittedly watches too much TV, I’m approaching this year’s season finales with mixed anticipation.

I can’t wait for the reality show finales. It’s not because I’m excited to watch, but because I can’t wait for most of them to be over. Chief among them is American Idol…has there ever been a less entertaining season of that show? From what I’ve seen, Dancing with the Stars has also turned out to be pretty blah (not that I was ever a huge fan). Survivor and The Biggest Loser have been just OK. The Amazing Race will be good only if good-guy cowboys Jet and Cord come out on top.

As for my favorite comedies… We’ll see if The Office can top the hilarious episode where Pam had her baby. And unfortunately, the Glee finale is already nearing, even though the new season just started. At least we’ll have a few more weeks of their musical genius.

As for the dramas, I’ve lost most of my interest in Grey’s Anatomy. And, while 24 has been a bit of a letdown this season, I’ll be tuning in to the final six hours of Jack Bauer in the show’s final season.

If you want to set your DVR or mark your calendar for your favorite season finale, see a complete list here.

Next, it’s on to the summer shows…So You Think You Can Dance will likely be tops for me. And, for the sake of the hubs, I’m sure I’ll be subjecting myself to Wipeout. (I only like that one because I get a kick out of Phil’s hysterical laughter at stuff that is only moderately funny to me.)

So, what will you be watching?


  1. Wipeout...we're with Phil. We think it's hilarious!

  2. Love wipeout for the , well wipeouts, and for the super cheesy not even on the set of the show host commentators.

    SYTYCD is hugely popular in this house too. We do not watch any other reality show except that one and Top Chef.

    Jack Bauer will get my attention right up to the end, as this is what he deserves for his sacrificial service to this country.

  3. No Wipeout for me. Although, I'll probably be watching The Bachelor Pad this summer. (Shameful, I know. But I can't not watch all the old bachelor crazies return!) I'll probably have to DVR it though so I can fast forward through most of it.

  4. Well, since we got back from Peru at the end of March and our Dish Network signal was out we have not had TV. Yep, no TV since the end of March. They wanted to charge us $100 to come out to fix the service they provide us that doesn't work that we pay $50 per month to have. Does that make any sense to anyone? A storm blew out the connection and we have to pay to fix it? Right. So we cancelled. So I've missed the last half of the season of so many shows - Office, Lost, Grays, and Biggest Loser. I'm going to have to get them on DVD from the library when they come out I guess which will be an awfully long time. We're looking to get TV again in Sept for football.