Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Emotional attachments

There are not many things I hang onto for sentimental purposes. I feel tremendous satisfaction when I can fill a garbage bag with “stuff” to donate or throw out. I try not to be too attached to material stuff. However, I have always had weird emotional attachments to the cars I drive. I’ve even named my cars. It’s not that my past vehicles were so good to me that they deserved my affection (it has typically been the opposite), but I get comfortable in what I drive, and I’ve made my vehicle purchases carefully. That is, until last weekend…

After being repeatedly asked by my car dealer to trade in my car (there is high demand for my current vehicle on the used lot), the hubs and I decided to check things out. Well, LONG story short…we bought a new car. But as soon as I began signing the papers, I started to feel uneasy. “Why are we spending money on a new car we don’t need? I love my car, why am I giving it up? Do I even like this new car?”

It went downhill from there.

We headed out to my trade in to remove my personal belongings. That’s when I started crying (yes, crying) and told Phil I wasn’t sure this was the right decision. I figured I was just being my overly emotional self and tried to move on. But the uneasiness only got worse. Finally, the sales guy handed me the keys to my new car. I got behind the wheel and headed home…in tears. I cried the entire drive home. At this point, I was sure we had made a mistake. I didn’t want to drive this car for the next 10 years. I didn’t like the color. It just wasn’t me. All I wanted was my cute little Toyota Corolla back.

And so my amazing husband came to the rescue. We got home and he announced that he was going to take it back for me right away (thank goodness for the three-day, no questions asked return policy). Still in tears and thoroughly embarrassed, I said, “No one actually does that! No one returns a brand new car! But…you would really do that for me?” Yup, he drove it right back to the dealer, told them we made a mistake and that he needed to get my old car back. I have never been more happy to see my cute little car pull into the garage!

One day I’ll be ready to part with my car, but it wasn’t time to breakup yet. So we wasted five hours on a Saturday…at least I got my car cleaned out!


  1. Cars can be like that for me too. I am on my second minivan, and I had some feelings for the old one before we moved on to the current one. That minivan had been our family car when my kids were babies and had taken us around town and around the country. It needed to be replaced as we had really worn it out, and I knew that but that didn't stop me from taking one last glance in its direction as we handed it over.

    I am really proud of Phil on this one. I am sure there was a ton of pressure from the dealership to not bring it back, and he made it through all of that for you. I am sure you are not surprised that you have that kind of a guy for a husband.

    My advice: Wear out the one you have and buy used.

  2. This is so hilarious that I'm literally laughing out loud right now. However, I do understand considering I'm still driving my 1996 Toyota Celica that I got way back in college. And on that note it's sad that college was "way back." Bummer. I don't think I'll ever get rid of my car. It's a beat-up POS but I love her!