Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our Saturday existence

From where I sit, I see two magazines on my coffee table. On one cover is a photo of Sandra Bullock with a headline about her marital problems. On the other cover is a large clock, with a promise that the articles inside will help me find more time in every day. And in their own separate ways, both stories seem like giant downers to me this Easter Sunday. In fact, I'm exhausted just thinking about them!

So perhaps I should write about something positively wonderful and refreshing instead. For example, I could say a lot about the return of new episodes of GLEE in just 10 days! But I feel like blogging about anything other than Easter would be a disappointment today. So I went in search of some inspiration to write some Easter reflections.

First I came across the winners of the Peeps diorama contest. Inspirational in its own way, I suppose. But not entirely blog worthy. (Why talk about odd uses for disgusting candy when Jesus ROSE FROM THE GRAVE, right?!)

Luckily, I also came across this Easter reflection, Getting through Saturday. And I was struck by a new way of looking at the "in between" time of the Easter story. The article is better than any Easter reflection I could write myself so just read that instead of this blog today.

You don't need to "get" the artsy literary and music references in the article to understand. We live in a Saturday world. Struggling to escape the clock and find peace in the midst of uncertainty, abandonment or struggle. Waiting for something better. And luckily, we know something better is coming! Today is a great reminder of that.

So for the rest of this Easter Sunday, I'm going to ignore those 30 Hall of Fame Time-Savers in my magazine and the Post-it note to-do list in my kitchen. I hope you and your loved ones can also enjoy a time of peace and reflection this day. And may that peace last well into the busy week ahead. Happy Easter!


  1. Wow. Everything about Peeps has always grossed me out, but I am totally impressed by that artwork. The other article was also such a great reminder for someone like me who too often lives by my unending to-do list. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter, everyone!

  2. The article on how to find time in every day should have started off with: #1 - stop reading this article and go do something productive, fun, or relaxing.

  3. The Peep art was awesome. I loved "Creating a Masterpeeps" the most for the skeleton of a Peep hanging on the left and the sketch on the wall showing a Peep's behind. Also, "the Book of Bunny Suicides" was darkly funny. I love Peeps myself and consume too many per year I am sure. They are not best fresh by the way. They are 100 times better if you cut open the package and let them air dry for one night. Mmmmm.