Sunday, July 25, 2010


As I wandered through the aisles at Target yesterday, it was hard to miss the back-to-school section. It shouldn't surprise me anymore, but every year it does. I'm still trying to hang on to what's left of summer even though the signs of fall--in particular, my busy season at work--are all around.

I've almost forgotten what a true summer break feels like. Overall, I think it was pretty uneventful growing up. I vaguely remember spending hours reading Babysitters Club books, occasional sunbathing in the lawn and an annual trip to ValleyFair.

But among my fondest memories are the visits to summer camp. (I know. The fact that I used the words "camp" and "fondest memories" in the same sentence is in and of itself ironic. We all know I'm more of a hotel girl.) But the visits to Lake Beauty Bible Camp with my junior high youth group were just something special.

There were endless games of "Honey if you love me..." during the bus rides (and bus breakdowns). Whipped cream fights, polar bear swims, night games and relays that involved spinning around with my head on a bat. And somewhere in that week of silliness, I managed to learn a lot about my faith too.

In high school, I left the mosquito-filled cabins, crazy songs and questionable camp food for the sweat and sore muscles of dance camp. A different kind of memory, but still a fun part of summer.

Did you go to summer camp? Do you have similar carefree memories? Camp or no camp, I hope you can still enjoy a few not-a-care-in-the-world summer days before another busy fall begins.

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