Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Murphy's Law in effect

Murphy’s Law says everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. While that “law” may be facetious, I’m pretty sure my family may be able to add some strong evidence in support of it. Fortunately, it’s almost always related only to life’s minor inconveniences, but why does Murphy’s Law complicate even the simplest tasks? Nowhere in life is this more evident that when trying to make a purchase. (Remember Heather’s waiting in line example?)

The latest example: While trying to make an in-store purchase a couple days ago, I found that placing a special order would be necessary. What should have taken five minutes to order took over an hour, complete with calls to the manager, a little arguing, and even a second trip to the store. After all that, I was told they’d place the order sometime this week. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not this gets done correctly? Did I mention the sales associate wrote the info down on scratch paper?

Of course, in the same week, I got a call that the carpet that I was to have installed this week hasn’t even been ordered yet; I managed to lose my debit card; and I even got a “new” computer at work that’s in worse shape than my old one.

Since these are all minor examples, I can actually say it has still been a good week. And at least I have the means to make these purchases I complain about. I know it’s probably not just me who encounters these daily frustrations, but I might need reassurance (and maybe a good laugh) to prevent me from hiding out from the world around me. Anyone else have a memorable Murphy’s Law experience? Vent below!


  1. For a couple of weeks now, every time I am loading my kids into the car, the person next to me comes to get into their car right when I'm trying to get my kids buckled up. So, I end up stopping and letting them go ahead of me. I guess in theory it's the right thing to do, but it takes ten times longer to get in or out of the car. Definitely lots of Murphy's Law moments with kids. :)

  2. Oh, Gina, I'm sure there are many moments like that with kids! Motherhood has to take a very special dose of patience!

    Well, you all know I always stand in the slowest line possible. And Jen, I purchased some custom blinds at the same store you ordered your carpet from and the same thing happened. I called to check on my order about 5 weeks later and they hadn't even submitted it yet! I had to hang sheets on my living room windows for the first couple months of living in my place. Grrr.

    I'd like to say a lot of Murphy's Law moments happen to me while I'm driving too...but on second thought, maybe I'm just a really impatient driver. Let's face it, there are more idiots out there on the road than smart drivers, so I guess we're kind of stuck with that.