Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Coming soon...

I stumbled across this website today and thought to myself “oh yeah, that’s right, we have a blog!” So perhaps Jen and I have broken the biggest rule of blogging lately, which is to say something. Jen’s got a great excuse named Connor. My excuse is far less exciting but just as valid—I’ve been busy. But to tell you the truth, I miss having the “that would make a great blog post” thoughts in my day. I’m sure there have been blogworthy moments, but just as soon as one thing is finished, I’m on to the next. There’s been lots of great stuff, challenging stuff, fun stuff and boring stuff. And I’m a little worn out from all the stuff!

But as Buddy the Elf says: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is blogging loud for all to hear!” (Ok, it’s singing, not blogging, but that wasn’t as relevant.) I’m pleased to say that, during the busy holiday season, I’m actually taking a whole week off work. Staycation! The list of to-dos for that week before Christmas is already quite long, but I’ve decided to add one more thing: The Christmas Countdown Blogstravaganza! Folks, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to read five new blog posts in five days on Off-Key Duets. I’ll post something each day of my vacation, starting Dec. 20.

But what do you want to read about? Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories from elementary school where you got to choose the main character’s next move? Well, this isn’t really like that, but you can still have a say in what I blog about during that week. Here are some options to select from (along with some possible headlines):

  • My Christmas card to you (“I didn’t want to pay for postage to send you this”)
  • Snowboarding lessons (“Bruises are my new accessory”)
  • My really interesting job (“Writing about performance reviews, compensation and life support classes…serious fun”)
  • What’s new with my iPod (“Should I listen to the Glee or Cute Boys who Play Guitar playlist today?”)
  • My life as auntie (“I’m so in love with the new guy in my life!”)
  • Planning my spring vacation (“Two thirty-something women take on Europe”)
  • A special guest post from a brilliant and adorable one-month old (“I’m taking a break from filling my diaper to tell you this”)
  • Brad Womack returns as The Bachelor (“My co-workers offered to donate PTO so I could go on this show”)

Are any of those worth pursuing? What other ideas do you have for me? Check back Dec. 20 when the fun (or somewhat tolerable storytelling) begins!


  1. This does sound exciting! A countdown to Christmas. It is like Advent only shorter, more compact, and less religious!

    I was going to comment on how Jen had the good excuse, but you covered that. I know it is hard getting out blogs. I tried to do one for my family and just found it to tough to continue. Thank God for Facebook I guess.

  2. Oh ick. I used "to" instead of "too" in that last sentence. I hate that, and I had to say something considering what the two of you do for a living.

  3. LOL Tim! Yes, it's gonna be EXACTLY like Advent!!! :) Hadn't even thought of that. Because nothing stirs up our anticipation for the Christ child quite like a week of posts all about me! Love it. I feel like I have a lot more to live up to now though...

  4. My vote is to hear more about your Spring Vacation because, let's face it, if I want to take a European vacation I need to live vicariously through someone! :) Sounds like so much fun!!!