Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's time to be heard

I've been hanging with my nephew this week and I am wrapped around his finger just like the rest of his family. When he heard it was blog week he decided to have his say. He's pretty brilliant, but can't quite type yet. So this is exactly how he told it to me...

'Sup people?! It's been a month since I got here and already I've gotten a lot of cuddles and am keeping my mom and dad guessing about what all my cries mean. I know they wish I'd just use my words, but where's the fun in that? Everyone thinks I'm SO cute too, which of course I am. You may think that sounds a little self-absorbed, but I rule this place right now, so can ya blame me?!

My mom and dad wish I'd poop a little less and not be so fussy when they're trying to sleep. But my parents are so attentive when I cry, and I love being held by them. They are the best mom and dad I could ask for. They hug and kiss me and laugh at me when I make funny faces or do my MC Hammer dance.

Well I'd love to stay and chat, but it's been a whole two and a half hours since I last ate. Waiter!! I'm in a hurry here! The life of a baby is tough work and I feel another nap coming on.

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