Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Going international

The countdown to vacation is on. Last year at this time, I was celebrating the holidays with my family in Hawaii. What a difference a year makes as I now sit in this frozen, snowy tundra, awaiting yet another visit from the snow plow.

My next vacation may still be months away, but as I research my destinations and get my passport this week, visions of my upcoming travel adventure to France and Italy with a dear friend keep me satisfied.

I'm particularly looking forward to France, having studied the language and country a bit in both high school and college. I don't remember much though, so I'll need to brush up on key phrases, such as "Pouvez-vous me dire où Yoann Gourcuff vie? Je tiens à lui rendre visite." (Major Parisien street cred awarded to anyone who can translate that!)

It's amazing that my travel buddy, Tara, is willing to go with me despite all she knows about the "you’ll never believe this" happenings that seem to follow me around. One thing is certain: We'll have plenty of stories to share when we get back.

If you've been to Paris, Rome, Florence or Venice, let me know if there are things we have to see (or avoid). Tara, let's channel our inner Mary-Kate and Ashley for this one.

P.S. A happy birthday shout out to my dear friend (and new mommy of 3-day-old August) Miss Sarah Sue! Have a rock-star day!


  1. Translation something like this? "Can you tell me where Yoann Gourcuff lives? I want to visit him."
    Personnally, I'd like to be able to say: "Where is the bathroom."

  2. You are sweet...I feel so honored! :) I'm so excited for your trip! I will visit Europe through you!

  3. Rome - skip the Baths of Caracella (spelled something like that) - I would highly recommend taking the hop, skip & a jump over to the Vatican City and go through the Sistine Chapel. It's a must.

    If you haven't read Divinci Code and Angels & Demons you should - before or after your trip, either way.

    Go in the Colleseum (don't just stand outside and take pictures), walk through the forum, EAT, EAT, EAT in Rome (not so good in Venice). Walk the streets of Rome and see the fountains and just soak up the culture.

  4. (My post was too long so I had to make it two)

    Walk the streets of Venice and get completely lost and turned around. It's not that big, you'll eventually figure out where you are. St. Marks square - let a pigeon land on you (Really, forget about the germs and just do it. Oh, and take a picture to prove you did it.)

    Take lots of pictures of everything.

    P.S. No need to learn French or Italian - anyone under 30 speaks English anyway.

    I'm so jealous, but more so excited for you . . . ENJOY every minute (even the minutes that might not seem so funny at the time when you're lost or exhausted or can't figure out what someone is saying to you :-))!!!