Saturday, May 1, 2010

What are you reading?

A good book at the end of a bad day has a way of turning things around. I love stepping into someone else's world (real or fictional) for a laugh, a cry or some good drama (but not the scary, gory kind of drama). I'm lacking anything new on my bookshelf right now and I could have used a decent page turner this past week. And now that the lounge chairs have come out of storage at the pool in my condo development, I'm definitely going to need some quality reading material (other than People magazine, of course) for some poolside weekends.

Since Jen got great music suggestions a few weeks ago, I thought I'd follow suit by seeking some reading recommendations. What are you reading that I need to put on my summer reading list? What are the classics you could read again and again? What made you laugh? What made you think? What made you say "I wish I had written that!?"

I don't necessarily need a deep read. I don't care if it was featured on Oprah's Book Club or won a literary award. It's almost summer, and since I have no vacations planned, a fun and light-hearted read might be my best getaway of the season. So please, arm me with a reading roadmap to help me navigate the next few months.


  1. Did you read the Bridget Jones books? They are pretty funny! Hmmm...other than that, I'm currently reading Dr. Seuss. :)

  2. I enjoy anything by Jodi Piccoult or Jennifer Weiner.

  3. For vacation plans (since you didn't ask for suggestions on this!) - come to COLORADO!

    I love Emily Giffin ("Something Borrowed", "Something Blue", "Baby Proof" and "Love the One You're With" - the first two are sequels the others are not really related but I would read them in the order she wrote them which is the order I listed them in)

    I like Jane Green - her older stuff is better. Try "Jemimah J", "Mr. Maybe", "To Have and to Hold", "Bookends", or "Straight Talking".

    I'm currently reading "The Cinderella Pact". I'm undecided on it yet though.

    Those I've listed so far are definitely not deep reads - very light and definitely chick lit.

    If you're wanting something a little more serious and true stories, a page-turner, must-read is "The Glass Castle" and also good was "Come Back".

    And if you want more psychological/educational studies - anything by Malcom Gladwell. My fave of his is "Outliers." "Blink" and "Tipping Point" were pretty good too. I'm about half-way through his new one, "What the Dog Saw" and am undecided on it as well.

    For me Jodi Piccoult has been hit or miss. I really liked "Picture Perfect" but didn't like "Handle with Care." I think I read another of hers but I don't remember which one it was.

    And finally, I loved the Twighlight Series.

    And on that note, I just went onto and saw that your last update was in July of 2008! Go back on there and browse your friend's books for some other great ideas.

    I could go on and on but I'll stop there. I'm sure I've given you much more than you were looking for or could ever read in a summer. (Sorry, I just love reading!)

  4. Oh, and Beth Kendrick writes good, light hearted Chick lit.

  5. Thanks ladies! I must get to the bookstore ASAP! Glad to hear familiar authors on the list too. I've read Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Piccoult before but they have so many books, I don't know which ones to pick next. The title recommendations are helpful. I read Second Chance by Jane Green. It was ok, but maybe I'll give her another try with some of the ones you mentioned, Laura.

    I'm not sure I would love Twilight, but maybe I should read that and see what all the buzz is about. Bridget Jones would be fun too...when does the third movie come out? I better get caught up on that before I decide to just see the movie instead! I've seen Emily Griffin's novels but haven't tried those yet either so will add that to my list for sure.

    Thanks gals! Oh, and Laura, about the Colorado's defnitely been on my mind lately. We should coordinate calendars soon and I'll start looking at flights. It's been way too long! :)

  6. And Gina...LOL, Dr. Seuss. Glad to hear Emme and Rowan's extremely intellectual tastes are rubbing off on you. :)

  7. There's going to be a 3rd Bridget Jones Movie?! yippee!!!! The books are really quick reads and not at all intellectual. Right up my alley. :) LOL

  8. "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" are two of my favorite chick lit books. Read each in a few sittings they were so good I couldn't put them down.

    Yah, Jane Green's last three books (Second Chance, Dune Road, and The Beach House) are not nearly as good as her earlier stuff in my opinion.

    I thought I would hate Twilight but when I was bed rest from my broken ankle/surgery last summer I dove in and found myself not being able to put it down. My sister of all people actually encouraged me to read it. I couldn't believe she liked it.