Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hug a mom today

It's been a nice weekend of celebrating my mom (whose birthday always falls on the same week as Mother's Day). She's smart, funny and patient and has given me more hugs than I thought humanly possible. (And just like me, she likes to tell the long version of every story. Every detail is important!)

I moved back home for a year after college and on one day—a really bad day—I remember my mom coming into my bedroom, sitting on my bed with me and singing this song:

We laughed, we cried, oh yeah, it was like something out of a Hallmark movie—a Hallmark movie MUSICAL, even better! Nine years later, I can still hear my mom singing (badly) "Where can you goooooooo, if the world don’t treat you right? The answer is hoooooooome…"

Many days since then, I've needed that reminder. What a blessing that I can always go home and have such a dear friend waiting to see me. I love you mom!


  1. Ditto to all that! My mom rocks!

  2. Aw...happy belated Mother's Day, mommy Skatter!!

  3. Wow, way to make your Mom cry. :-)

  4. Thank you for the lovely tribute and the wonderful album of Hawaii photos. Remind me the next time I see you, and I will sing the song for you again. :) Mom